The swedish driving test part I

Between 2008 and 2015 i worked as a trafikinspektör at Trafikverket. From the experience I gained via my former profession I’m writing about the körprov. Up til now I’ve been writing in swedish but from now on I’ll be writing some posts in English as well.

The trafikinspektör is the person sitting besides you during your driving test. He or she is educated and very experienced with trafic. You can relax in his or her company. The job of the trafikinspektör is to judge wether or not your capable enough to of be a part of the swedish traffic system. You’ll be driving with the trafikinspektör beside you, during the driving test, for just about 35 minutes and meanwhile you’re driving he or she will watch and weigh your driving and give you the result when you’re back at Trafikverket again.

Many persons that have a drivers license from another country asume that they’ll allmost automatically will be able to drive in Sweden. That’s a big mistake. I’ve been sitting next to many persons that asure me that they know how to drive because they have so and so many years of driving experience from their home land. But when we eventually end up in traffic they show allmost nothing of their skills. Why is that? I cannot know for sure but I believe it has got to do with the way we do things in Sweden. Here we want things to function in a specific way. A way they’re not used to. And then they’ll have to re-learn and to adjust their driving to fit the swedish standards and that is sometimes difficult. Individuals with great driving skills (technical) have to take the driving test several times before they learn how to drive according to swedish traffic laws and to the swedish behavioral system. So, don’t take driving for granted but instead prepare yourself so that when it is time for your driving test you’ll be ready for it.

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